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-Hiram Hawes

lørdag 16. februar 2013

Soft Hackled flies for baetis hatch.

The beginning of June, the magic month in the southern parts of  Norway. The upwing fly baetis is here....magic time for a dryfly fanatic. This year I can't wait to try out some of the soft hackled patterns for this fly. Inspired by the books of Sylvester Nemes, I'm looking forward to trying out some of the less fished parts of the beautiful mountain river that I like to visit every year at this time of summer, stretches that have some nice riffle parts for the soft hackled fly.

Starling and Olive one of the pattern's in Syl's book "Soft-Hackled Fly Imitations" from 1991.
Hook: Partridge Classic Spider # 16
Body: Pearsall's olive silk
Ribbing: Pearsall's Yellow silk
Hackle: Starling
Sylvester using Danville olive thread in his body.

Starling and Phesant another fly from the book. This one designed to imitate the baetis  nymph/dun hatch on the Henry's Fork. Designed by Nemes and Paul Brown around 1983.
Hook: Partridge Classic Spider #16.
Body: Phesant together with thin copper wire.
Hackle: Starling.

Waterhen-Bloa......just love the name on this fly.
Saying it....mmm just like sipping singel malt...!?
This fly, a true old North Country Spider pattern. 
Hook: Partridge Classic Spider #16.
Body: Paersall's yellow silk with a light dusting of fur from Otter.
Hackle: Starling.
The original pattern should have fur from Muskrat...I believe. And the hackle should be feather from Moorehen...I'm trying to find a skin from this bird on the web... but no luck yet.