The best concise description of a split bamboo fly rod.

"a useful thing, beautifully made"
-Hiram Hawes

fredag 2. mai 2014

April morning sunrise.

This was the sight from the tent opening, after a quite chilly night spent in my beloved Hubba Hubba....just love the name of this tent. Started the camping season last weekend with my boo-brother Geir, after it was quickly decided that it was time for this seasons first night in a tent

Nothing better than to spend some extra time in the sleeping bag, lying in the tent opening drinking freshly made cofee and thinking of the upcoming stress.

While rigging the rod the Leptophlebia Marginata were hatching, not many but enough to make the trout rise. 

It felt just right to start this day with a classic spider pattern like the Waterhen Bloa. 
And with the sun shining on the bamboo flyrod, the trout rose to the spider and life was good.