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"a useful thing, beautifully made"
-Hiram Hawes

torsdag 24. april 2014

Feast in the woods.

Just want to share some pictures from the first real fishing this season. It's been a sunny, but quite windy and cold start of this spring, but last day something happend when the temperature were touching the +20 D.Celsius for the first time this spring.

So when rumors said that there were ants with wings flying around in the woods, it was not that hard to take a break from rod building. After all it was what I had been dreaming of ever since the last fishing trip last fall.

Found this ant hill right above where I'm sitting, waiting for the wind to blow the ants on the water. 

The heat from the sun really did a good job of awakening the ants.
This happens mostly in the middle of May, so this is many weeks ahead of time.

A bit skinny maybe, but a nice start of the upcoming trout season.