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-Hiram Hawes

fredag 18. mai 2012

Just like turning on a switch.

Even if the ice disappeared on the lakes for nearly a month ago, there is not much going on before you get to the last half of this month. So after several trips without much result on the lakes around Oslo, it was finally time for the first trip to a small trout stream that is known to have a really nice and early hatch of the mayfly Baetis Rhodani. And since this Mayfly is known to like really shitty weather, and the weather forcast says heavy rain the next day- it was time to prepare for the first trip to a trout river.
 Baetis Rhodani.

Previous experience with this Mayfly is that it is approximately around half past twelve (noon) it starts to happen, especially if it starts to rain. So when the whole morning had passed without any insects on the river, and the clock approached 12 .... it started to rain. And belive it or not, it started to popp up Baetis in large numbers. And when the sun reappeared, there were several fish that were busy eating  Mayflies.

The fish was eating mayflies just outside the large tree on the otherside.

Allways something special with the first decent fish in the beginning of the season.

A little skinny maybe, but nice colors.

Nice little river, perfect for  using a small bamboo flyrod.


6 kommentarer:

  1. Great pictures! And a nice rod as well...
    Thanks for the link to my blog.
    Det er vel ikke noe poeng i å spørre hvor dette er,selv om jeg gjerne skulle visst det;)

  2. Lovely stream. I'm sure that you had a really got time there enticing the brown trout with Baetis Rhodani imitations. I really like when the brown trout has that golden color, just like the one you got.
    Have fun fishing with your split cane rod,

  3. Beautiful waters. And very handsome browns.
    Great start.

  4. Great pics! Keep them coming.


  5. Beauty of a brown..and bamboo! Feast for the eyes.