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lørdag 29. desember 2012

The Soft-Hackeled Fly.

" allow the fly to advance naturally with the current...check its progress gently by ceasing to follow it with the rod...the water will do all that is necessary to make a fly deadly if it is properly tied."
James E. Leisering
The Art of Tying The Wet Fly,1941.

 I've seen these flies show up now and then in magazines and old books, thinking that in the old days they had to manage with very simple patterns that did not look like the real flies ... or did they ...... how good were these flies. Do not know if I'm starting to get old and weird....(canehead), but I think it has with the enthusiasm for bamboo-flyrods ... that the interest for this old fly patterns is getting stronger and stronger. So after I found and bought two wonderful books about soft hackled flies written by Sylvester Nemes, I have not become less curious on these flies.
The way he writes passionately about these flies qualities and advantages makes me really inspired to tie these flies for next season.

Sylvester was a great writer who brought back and made popular the soft hackle fly. Sorry to say he past on to the great trout streams in the sky.
If you have an interest in fishing them and tying them i think the books from Sylvester will put you well on your way.

2 kommentarer:

  1. There's a reason for interest in the old patterns - they catch fish! I've been fishing these "soft hackles" for a couple years and I'm becoming more enamored with fishing them. My favorites are the starling and herl, partridge and orange/green, endrick's spider, and the hare's ear spider.

  2. Hi Mark
    Nice to hear about your experiences with soft hackled flies.
    Looking forward to try these flies for the upcoming summer.