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fredag 15. august 2014

Small diamonds in the backcountry.

Small streams and creek's with a healthy population of brook trout, hidden away somewhere deep in the backcountry. Well, it's been kind of a obsession for me to try to find a stream like that. Inspired by BrkTrt and Mark's blog sites, were they are writing with passion about their streams and brookie's, I just had to find my own little secret stream.

And since the brook trout do not naturally belong here in Norway there are not many streams containing brook trout. After years of introduction in Norwegian rivers and lakes the brook trout along with rainbow trout have been banned since the 90's. The reason for this is the fear of foreign diseases, and that they should inter fear with the natural brown trout.

Luckily there are still some "secret" small streams which have a population of brook trout. The Fish is not large, but equipped with a light bamboo rod and a Adams size 16, the fish went crazy. I was actually a bit surprised that there were brook trout almost everywhere I "dropped" the fly. And they were obviously hungry, they threw themselves at the fly almost every time I put the fly on the water. 
I must say the day turned out just the way I was hoping for, drinking coffee next to a stream full of small "diamonds" in the backcoutry. 

4 kommentarer:

  1. Stunning little fish Jan, great pictures.

  2. Jan, I love your secret stream. Those are beautiful wild jewels.
    And I agree there's nothing like good coffee after such a day.
    Well done.

  3. Nice going finding your own secret stream. The brook trout is an amazingly beautiful creature and plenty of energy in a small packet, as you have discovered. Enjoy them and the wild places they inhabit! Fishing for them with a light bamboo rod must be a real treat

  4. Ben, Brk Trt and Mark, Thanks.
    The brook trout is for sure a amazingly beautiful fish.
    I'm going to check out a new stream this week.