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fredag 19. september 2014

A classic ending.

The water level was low on the mountain river, as it tends to be when the season is nearing its end. It had not rained for a long time and the weather was pleasantly warm to be in the middle of September. But one good thing came as a result of the low water level, and it was in the form of the appearing of the perfect riffle. Not too deep and with sufficient current speed to move the line rapidly downstream.
And with the mountains in fall colors as a background, and with Pritt and Mr Nemes in my thoughts, I started to cast the silk fly line cross over and slightly upstream, mending so the Partridge and Orange spider was free drifting with no drag.

My dreaming of north country flies and the classic streams of Yorkshire was brutally interrupted by a fish attacking the Partridge and Orange like a maniac, and after some exiting minutes my first "real" brownie on a spider was a reality. After such an experience, I was wondering if this was just a coincidence. The result after a couple of hours fishing with the spider, were two nice trout and three fish that missed the spider.
After this experience I must say I'm convinced about the effectiveness of the north country spider, and one thing that surprised my a little was how hard the fish took the spider.

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  1. Nice going! Yes they can hammer those spiders hard especially when it looks like a nice meal is escaping! I can remember one evening when several fish snapped off the 4x tippet I was using.