The best concise description of a split bamboo fly rod.

"a useful thing, beautifully made"
-Hiram Hawes

søndag 21. august 2011

Late summer in the woods.

After heavy rain the last few days. Rivers and streams were full of water, too much water to fish in them. I just had to go on a fishing trip now as it was a week since last trip. It's not good with too many days between each trip. Then it was time to try a little lake a short walking distance into the woods.
In some places it is like a walk in the park.
At this time of summer is not much activity on the surface, but a quiet day like this it's just nice to be in the woods.
Not many fish rising, but i found this trout eating everything on the surface. 

Was probably just putting on an ant.

W. Cattanach 7'6"  5wt and the ant did the job.
 Just needed one cast, the fish was hungry.

Bamboo rod and some distant relatives .... maybe.

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