The best concise description of a split bamboo fly rod.

"a useful thing, beautifully made"
-Hiram Hawes

tirsdag 11. oktober 2011

Building bambooflyrods.

With so many different and exciting tapers that are made by different builders, it's not easy to choose which rod to build. If you check the web you will find several interesting sites with lots of information about the different tapers. Some good sites are - This winter I have decided to build three rods. The first rod is a Pezon & Michel, Ritz Super Parabolic PPP Colorado, 7' 7" 5wt 2 pc and two rod's from Tom Morgan, the first rod is a 7' 3wt 2 pc. The third rod is the same rod that I built last winter a 7' 6" 5wt 2 pc, i liked the rod so much that I decided to build one more with a different reelseat and guides.  My plan is to post about the building throughout the winter. Hope maybe someone will find it interesting.

 It is a long process to build a rod, so it's nice to get started.
Here I have cut the twelve-foot long pole in two.


Since I'm going to build all the rods nodeless I need to cut away the nodes.


The nodes are removed from the pole.

The powerfibers that makes it possible to build a rod.

Tomorrow it's time for baking some cane.


3 kommentarer:

  1. I"ll be waiting for the next installment

  2. I can't wait to see more. I will be following along for sure.

  3. Oh man I am with the rest. Really looking forward to seeing the process behind creating these great works of art. I have always wanted to own/build a bamboo rod someday. Thanks for sharing and Great Pics too. Tight Lines.