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-Hiram Hawes

fredag 11. november 2011

Perfect match.

Finally, I could go to the post office to pick up my new reel made ​​by Ingvar Nilsson from Sweden.
The reel that is built on a classic raised pillar design of yesteryear has a click drag, and will match my canerods perfect. Yet another reason to look forward to next season.

Reel by Ingvar Nilsson. Tom Morgan taper 7'6" 5wt. Book by Mike Valla.

 not much to say really. Litterature by George Black.

Perfect match on top of Mike Vallas book "Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies".

4 kommentarer:

  1. That is one excellent looking reel if I have ever seen one. Definitely matches nicely. Tight Lines.

  2. Beautiful reel. Good luck with it!

  3. Thanks
    Yes there is something special about reels with the classic look.

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