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søndag 18. mars 2012

Binders and Reel seats.

Well it's about time to wake up from winter hibernation and be a bit active on the blog again. Back from a wonderful holiday in Thailand, it's time to continue working on the rod's. Have two rods waiting to be glued but have played with the idea to build a new binder inspired on the Garrison model. I have used two different binders until now, the first a very simple binder, where you use a cradle to lay the rod in and do the wrapping by hand. But with this method you easily become tired in the hands not to mention the twist that can appear in the rod.  When the glue is dry, I do not want to use too much heat to straighten out the twist in the rod. Titebond is a good adhesive but I do not think it is so fond of too much heat. The other is a model based on Bob Milward's binder using four threads in equal & opposite directions works great when tuned right. But I'm ready to try out something new, so to make it easy for myself, I ordered a brand new J.D. Wagner binder from the USA. I am very excited about this as it may be used in three different ways. So in the meantime I'm working on with rod number three, a 7' 4wt Eustis W. Edward's taper. Parts for the Rod's has also started to show up, first out three beautiful reel seat's and bronze snake guides from Mike McCoy and Snake Brand.
The first binder. Wrapping by hand.

Boo Brother Geir's binder. B. Milward's model.

Reel seat's, maple burl and spalted maple...beautiful.

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