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"a useful thing, beautifully made"
-Hiram Hawes

tirsdag 17. april 2012

The new binder.

Well the new binder from J.D.Wagner came and it was time for testing and fine tuning the binder before gluing and binding the strips. Now it was just trying to find the right tension on the tensioning disc's. After some test binding without glue - it was time to just go for it with the glue. And I must say the binder did the job, the blanks came out pretty much strait with almost no twist's and bends.

The binder setup for Degere-Style, endless belt binding.
The blanks after some days in the drying cabinet, ready for sanding away the glue.

The binding tread removed and it's time to get a closer look at the blanks.

The first sanding.....nice feeling.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looks very interesting. I'd love to make my own Bamboo Flyrod but I guess I have to settle with tying my own flies. It's very interesting to see how it's done anyway.
    Have fun making lovely Bamboo Rods,
    Mats Olsson

    1. Hi Mats.
      Well the main thing is to own or to have the opportunity to borrow a bamboo flyrod that you can fish with as often as possible. Have read your blog that you own an Orvis BattenKill that's a beautiful rod Mats.

  2. Excellent! And those blanks look wonderful...nothing like them for incurring the feeling and hopes of possibilities.

  3. Thanks Erin.
    I have read that it is not long until your rod is finished. It will be exciting to hear what you think after your first trip with your new self-made bamboo flyrod.