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fredag 17. januar 2014

January.........and I'm in the mood

It's mid January and I'm in the mood....the ice cold winds with snow in it is blowing outside, but down in the workshop it's warm and a nice smell similar to freshly made popcorn is in the air.... well that's the nearest explenation I have, trying to explain the smell of bamboo cocking in the oven.

Looks simple... but works fine.
And while I am checking and make sure the temperature is stabilizing at the exact level inside the oven and wait for the bamboo to get ready, it's a perfect opportunity to take a glass of Islay "gold", perfect match together with the smell from the bamboo strips coming out from the oven.
The reward.......

Garrison 202E is the first rod I'll make this winter. Have read somewhere that this was Garrison's favourite taper. Built his 209 taper last winter and have used it a lot, it has become one of my favourites.
Garrison 202E I build for use in small streams, in the search for the "mysterious" Norwegian brook trout.

Just love the colours on this fish.

The Garrison 209 and a nice brown caught on a size 22 midge.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Jan!

    Lovely trout taken on a midge! That's the way to do it. I surely like using light gear to trick nice trout more than heavier gear. What are the specs of the rods you are mentioning? Have you ever tried to make a "Baby Catskill" rod? Looking forward to your answers. Thanks for a really nice post!

    Kind Greetings,
    Mats Olsson

    1. Hello Mats.
      Soo many tapers to choose from, the Baby Catskill looks like a sweet little rod.
      The rods I mentioning are two of Garrisons well-known tapers, 209 is 7'6" 5wt and the 202 is 7' 4wt. Found out last summer that the action in Garrisons rods realy suits my style of casting.


  2. Jan,
    That mysterious Norwegian brook trout is lovely.
    The small stream bamboo rod you plan on crafting and using in your quest, I would love to see.

    1. Brk Trt
      The story of the Norwegian brook trout is interesting, hard to locate,because there is much secrecy about where to locate this fish....but I finaly found out.Looking forward to spring so I can check it out.I'll post a report when spring arrives.